City Tire Storage

City Tire Storage is a division of City Storage Group. We have been in the storage business for 30 years with 5 convenient locations in the city of London. Family owned and operated.


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Personal Tire Storage Benefits

Here are some key benefits you can expect when storing your tires with us!


Your tires are being safely stored in a secure environment.

Eliminate Risk of Injury or Damage

Don't risk injuring yourself or the interior of your vehicle. Call us! We're here to help.

Increased Storage Space at Home

Don't have the appropriate space for storing tires all year round? Let us clear up that precious storage space for you.

Secured Storage

Our storage locations are under 24 hour video surveillance.

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Commerical Tire Storage

City Tire Storage software can be integrated with your DMS so that it reads your operation codes and reports to us any appointments scheduled for tire storage pick up and delivery. This system allows you to go about your usual day booking appointments, including tire storage appointments in your DMS, all uploads will be completed, either automatically or manually, you choose the option that’s right for you. Your tires will be delivered or picked up upon request.

Business Benefits

Whether you’re a dealership principal, or independent mechanic, you will gain the following business benefits by implementing Tire Storage Solutions into your business process:
New Revenue Stream
Complimenting your existing service offerings with tire storage introduces a new avenue of revenue for your business. Remove the hassle of storing tires for your customers, then enjoy strong profit margins and increased sales from associated services.
Increased Customer Pay Sales
Having your customers return every six months for tire swaps has been proven to result in additional customer pay sales. According to National Automobile Dealers Association, 77% of customers will get their regular maintenance done where they store their tires. Monitoring the condition of tires and wheels with our software ensures you can inform your customers of the need for repair or replacements during the changeover process.
Competitive Advantage
Dealerships need take advantage of every opportunity to bring in new customers. Offering tire storage is an attractive value-added service for motorists who will be drawn to your dealership rather than your competitors.
Customer Satisfaction
Adding tire storage to your suite of services provides a hassle-free solution for motorists. With the increasing demand for winter tires, you can now offer a streamlined and cost-effective solution, resulting in unburdened, happy customers and increased referrals.
Pay As You Go
Our 'pay as you go' model ensures you are making money before you pay us for use of our system. We don't begin to charge until you begin storing tires, so unless you're offering the service to customers for free, you're never paying out more than you've already collected in revenue.

Operational Benefits

If you’re responsible for ensuring your after-sales operations run smoothly and compliment vehicle sales, our system will help you make that happen. Immediate operational benefits you can expect include:
Our system tracks all of your seasonal tire storage data easily so you can focus on customer retention, forecast sales opportunities, and stay organized. Available reports include Worn Tire and Rim, Incomplete Appointments, Tire Brand, Pickup and Delivery, and more.
Improved Wheel Visibility
With our system, you can add details not only on each tire set, but on each individual tire. Define set type (Summer or Winter), brand, size, DOT number, tread depth, rim condition, and their current location. With its powerful search functions, TSS can search and narrow in on customer or tire information quickly, and a suite of management reports are provided to help manage and monitor usage of the system.
Accurate Inventory Management
Real-time data is synchronized from the main online portal each day, then used by your team to manage the transfer of tire sets to and from the storage facility. Tire Storage Solutions uses a 2D barcode scanner to assign a location to a tire set. Now you can easily locate any set in your storage inventory.
Easy To Use
We appreciate that employees are often used to a particular way of working, and this is why our system offers the perfect blend of service improvement and operational simplicity for your team. User friendly web and mobile interfaces make using it easy for all staff.
Increased Efficiency
Whether you have an existing process in place or are new to seasonal tire storage, our system, knowledge, and guidance will ensure your operation is efficient, accurate and controlled. This reduces mistakes and operational pressure for your team during the busy period.


As a Client of Ours

  • You get exclusive access to our web-based inventory management system. It is EASY to use, efficient and organized.
  • There are ZERO start-up costs.
  • City Tire Storage Warehouse is a 100,000 sq ft facility that is year-round climate controlled-fully-insured and secured.
  • We have a fleet of in-house drivers and equipment to ensure all delivery times are met.
  • Our Warehouse is equipped with full video surveillance security systems, we meet all fire and safety regulations and carry FULL replacement insurance.
  • Printer and labels are provided for each location; this will allow your staff to print off bar-coded labels that have all of your customers information saved within the QR CODE.
  • Training is EASY and completely set up by our team.

What We Offer

  • If you have Ocean containers on site, we can buy them back from you freeing up much needed real estate allowing you to do what you do best.
  • Maximize client retention and increase profits by offering complete tire storage solutions beyond your facilities physical capacity and help ensure your client’s vehicle is on your hoist twice a year.
  • City Tire Storage software is state-of-the-art inventory control system which tracks each set of tires.
  • 24-hour online access allows you to locate your customer’s tires on demand.
  • Fully integrable with all major dealer management systems (DMS).

Questions on Commercial Tire Storage?

Wondering How To Get Started?

It's as easy as these 5 steps!

Step 1
Call City Tire Storage


Step 2
One of our team members will arrive on site, install your printer, drop off your labels and make sure you are up and running before we leave.

Step 3
Simply integrate your DMS with our software allowing automatic notifications of pick-ups and deliveries or simply login to your online account and make requests manually. You have exclusive use of the City Tire Storage software.

Step 4
Our City Tire Storage team will arrive on time, and will transport your client’s tires to our fully secured warehouse for storage.

At which time our warehouse team does a full “Tire Report” for any damages and check all tread depths. This information will be available to you through our software.

Step 5
When the customer wants their tires switched at the end of the season, our team will transport the set back to your service bay when you are ready for them.

Allowing City Tire Storage to handle all of your seasonal tire storage needs frees up your staff to keep them busy in the bays and will eliminate the need to rent trucks and hire temporary staff to complete this task.

The consistency that City Tire Storage will bring to your business is truly one of a kind and we look forward to working with you.