Getting to know the story of Big Box

Since 1990, City Centre Storage Group has been helping happy clients keep their stuff safe and secure. Starting with an old building downtown London, Ontario, founder Stan Adams recognized clients look for secure, convenient storage at a competitive price and so began renovating his first location on Bathurst Street into storage units complete with high tech security features.

Shortly after Stan saw there was a gap for a different kind of storage in the local market. As with any successful business it’s important to respond to the changing needs of your clients, and Stan was presented with a huge opportunity in the late 90s. Members of the City Centre team were moving a client belongings using an ocean container Stan had found along the way instead of a traditional moving truck, the client asked instead of moving her items back out of it why she couldn’t just stay in it! It turns out that this client was one of many that wanted accessible storage delivered right to them, and City Centre added its Big Box Mobile storage division to our list of services. The Big Box Mobile division has proven so successful that it is now the largest provider of ocean containers in South Western Ontario!

To Stan, City Centre’s secret to success is exemplary customer service:

"Everybody’s front door is an office location, and every location should feel like they’re part of the City Centre family."

In addition to our downtown facility, City Centre now has two additional storage facilities in London, Ontario. London North and London East now also have state of the art storage locations facilitating the growing needs of our client base. The extra capacity has allowed Stan to expand the core offering of the business to developing other areas in the storage industry.

The first is our full service, quality, experienced moving division, Moving Solutions. Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the field City Centre offers a full suite of labour solutions, from packing services to safely loading and driving your belongings to where they need to be.

The second new division is The Box & Bubble Store. Here the City Centre team offers all the materials and equipment that you need to move and store your belongings. You can now visit our three locations in London, Ontario to buy cardboard boxes, plastic covers and wraps, packing tape and markers, and security locks, or rent equipment such as appliance trucks, hand carts and high quality moving blankets.

Whatever you are packing, moving or storing, the helpful team at City Centre Storage Group have the perfect solution for you. Almost three decades after setting up the company, Stan Adams continues to oversee operations with the help of his wife, Shelley, and a dedicated team of storage and moving professionals. After years in the industry, Stan believes that customer service is the key. “Everybody’s front door is an office location, and every location should feel like they’re part of the City Centre family,” he says. Each client is different, and at City Centre Storage Group we offer an incredible storage and moving experience guaranteed to fulfil your requirements.

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